Business Phone Systems

When you’re looking at Business Phone Systems, it’s important to choose a vendor that’s reliable, proven, trustworthy and also offers technology that works for your business needs.

PAconnect will help you navigate through the entire process from consultative design & selection to training and installation through on-going support.

Our phone systems, regardless of Cloud Hosted or Onsite, are Software Defined PBX's. What does that mean to you? That means that in 5-10 years when you are ready to upgrade, all we have to do is restore a backup from your current PBX onto the new one. No need to redesign and rebuild a new phone system ever again.

Making the right phone system choice for your business...

Cloud Hosted Unified Communication Systems

Cloud Hosted PBX's (Phone Systems) are computer-integrated telephone systems in which phone service is delivered via your Internet or local network connection. Internet Service Providers have been delivering your phone services like this for over a decade without you even knowing it. It’s a proven reliable solution in which PAconnect is able able to offer a more flexible version than your ISP's Cloud Solution for phones.

If you are ready to move your business to a new level of Unified Communication technology, PAconnect can guide you in making the right choice. Cloud based phone systems offer solutions in virtually every aspect of the connections businesses rely on – voice, video, unified communications and networking.

Benefits Include:

Reduce those Land line costs with a Flexible SIP Trunking Solution

Remote Phone access anywhere

Flexibility to quickly add lines when your busy... and take them away when you're not

Electricity goes out or Telephone poll hit? No worries. With a Cloud Hosted system, you can download an app to your cell phone and sign in to get your calls. (Slightly reduced functionality from desk phones)

One source for all your Unified Communication needs. PAconnect isn't just your PBX Vendor, We are also your Phone Service Provider Cut that line with your ISP!

Worried about internet going out? Let us fix that worry as well with a 4G Cellular Internet Backup

On-Premise Systems

An on-premise phone system…because the cloud isn’t for everyone. The Phones are the same and the Phone system is the same. We normally recommend these for Businesses who only have 1 location and are over 40 users.

On-premise phone systems use your existing network infrastructure to deliver voice service to end users. Voice over IP (VoIP) is quickly overcoming the traditional Analog PBX phone systems due to VoIP’s game-changing technology and benefits.

Benefits Include:

PAconnect Phone Service Provider solution or the ability to stay with your current ISP/Phone Service Provider with an additional card.

Loss of internet will still allow the use of internal communication on the phone system.

Phone Provider Service

We provide fast efficient phone service to your SDS PBX provided by PAconnect. We can add and remove numbers, lines and monitor the uptime. How many times have you called comcast and had to be bounced around until you found the right person that knows how to look at your phone lines to test and see whats happening. With our services we are the phone line providor and can quickly and easily see everything to troubleshoot that issue. You don’t have to worry about getting your ISP in touch with your phone guy anymore.

Ever experience the pain of adding a single line to your phone system? What did you have to go through? Call your ISP, hear the sales pitch and trust they are selling you the right thing, then sign the contract. Wait for 2 weeks them to come onsite for the install. Then call your Phone vendor and schedule them to come onsite. A month later you got that phone line finally turned up and ready to go. Not with us... We have one price per line and can immediately turn it up within seconds on your Phone system.

About 3CX VoIP Phone System

3CX phone systems are feature-rich, unified communications that utilize cutting-edge technology. 3CX phone systems offer turnkey solutions that utilize cloud services appropriate for companies of any size. These solutions are inexpensive to implement and cost-effective overall, and don’t require an upfront out-of-pocket expense. They include easy, automatic access to advanced unified communications features, eliminating the need for learning or loading additional software or third-party services.

Boost your company’s sales by providing superior customer service, increase staff productivity and reduce call costs with the 3CX VoIP Phone System! Used by more than 30,000 companies globally, 3CX has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Advantages of the 3CX VoIP Phone System

Fortune 500 Business Features
Large companies have always been known to have great, expensive phone systems with tons of features. 3CX can give even the smallest companies the same features giving you the competitive advantage.

Traditional PBX Phone Systems are missing all the Unified Communications features which run the 21st century business. 3CX has so many features, your productivity will rise.

Use 3CX anywhere you have an internet connection. Plug in your phone to any network connection and it works. Leaving the office? 3CX has a mobile app so you can take the phone system with you!

Save 50% or more on your phone bill!

Sleek & stylish HD audio quality phones.

Easy To Use
3CX has been touted as one of the easiest phone systems to use. Not only will it work just like you have grown accustomed to from any phone system, Mayer Networks will provide any training you wish to ensure you are getting the most out of the system.

Location Independent
All staff members regardless of physical location will enjoy the same phone system and features with 3CX.

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Q) How much does it cost?

A) Our phone systems are all built tailored to you and your business needs. Most installs have NO up-front costs or install fees. The cost is based on how many people will be using the system

Q) Will there be any downtime on changing over?

A) We try to have as little downtime as possible. With older environments that run analog phone systems, its usually seamless. If you already have a VoIP system, changing out the phones usually causes a user 5-10 minutes of interruption.

Q) Can I keep my number?

A) Yes! Well most likely. PAconnect has transferred 100’s of numbers and only ever 1 number we couldn’t move. Give us a call and we can tell you right away!

Q) When something needs changed, how much does support cost?

A) All Service and support are included with the phone system for as long as you are a customer with PAconnect using PAconnect VOICE services.

Q) What if I need custom phone programming?

A) Give us a call and let's see what we can do for you? Our phone system allows us to create customized programmed modules to fit your needs.

Mobility – Cell Phone, Desktop, Web access with Headset anywhere in the world

Transfer to Cell Phones

Voicemail – Voice to Text

Premium Quality phones made in Germany, not Chinese manufactured or low end phones that others install.

Cloud Hosted phone system, no more worries about when the internet is out. You can use your cell phones.

Flexible phone system that doesn’t strip out all the features and can be tailored to their business.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Implementation of the phones was well planned out and executed by Jessy and the team at PAconnect. We seamlessly switched over from our old phone system to the IP phones at four locations with minimal downtime. Exceeded expectations for how smoothly they transitioned a critical tool for our business".

Chris James CEO & Founder - Okler

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