Network Servers

Quality and Secure Network Solutions

PAconnect works closely with you to gather all of the details about your business and needs before designing a Network and Server Infrastructure that will last your business for the foreseeable future in  technology (between 3-5 years). We are experienced in designing networks from 10 User offices all the way to 500+ User Mid-Size Business.

We have solutions for:

  • Onsite Only
  • Onsite and Cloud Hybrid Infrastructure
  • VDI and Remote Access Solutions
  • High Availability and Failover Infrastructure

Small Business Solutions
Small businesses are often fitted into a tower or simple rack based server with just the right amount of power to allow some growth as you expand your business. Normally these servers will run a Local User Access control system, File Servers, Sage Accounting, QuickBooks and other smaller software’s. These solutions are an industry standard and can be installed with relative ease with little to no downtime. Great for those 5-15 user offices with basic server needs.

Small to Medium Business Solutions

Your business has some more complex needs. 10-50 users are on the network and your running Industry Standard software for ERP, Accounting Professional Packaging and have a decent amount of data. If your not quite ready to take all that data to the cloud, an onsite server solution would work best for you. These solutions can be from a single powerful server running the latest generation of technology to meet your needs, or a Dual Server setup with High Availability. Your business can’t go down and we understand that, so a dual server setup might be the best solution for you. If one server goes down, the other remains online and takes over its duties.


PAconnect can even work with Large Enterprises on in-house Data Center designs and implementations. Building the ground work for just a few servers to an entire Multi-server, Multi SAN Fabric Storage with 40 GbE and 100GbE Top of Rack backbones. Supporting upwards of 250-500 VDI workstation deployments in fully automated load balance clusters. Multi-Server Exchange Load balancing and Fault Tolerance Virtualization solutions.

Our Solutions

PAconnect Engineers are able to design just about any solution that your Small Business or Enterprise needs, our core verticals are Manufacturing, Law Firm’s, Medical and Health Care facilities, Schools and Local Governing Facilities such as Townships and Municipal Authorities.  Over 40 years of experience (Founded in 1981) in these verticals let you know that our team is highly certified and know exactly what your business needs to give you an edge over your competition with our solutions.