Selecting the Best Video Conferencing System That Fits Your Needs.

Finding the right video conferencing service and equipment, connecting multiple endpoints and ensuring that your users consistently have a great user experience is tough. At PAconnect, we specialize in helping you select the right services and products for your organization’s unique needs and making sure the components all work together seamlessly.

More and more teams are using remote workers on their team, which can put a strain on communication without the right video conferencing software and other comms tools. This particularly disadvantages those who are not based in the office, as they might miss out on the benefits of being in the room.

Adding video collaboration assists your organisation with todays business challenges including enhancing project management, improving business performance, strengthening relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, improving customer service and loyalty and making complex information readily accessible through real-time sharing, for more informed, consistent decision making and a more agile workforce.

Choosing The Right Collaboration Features Make A Big Difference

  • Multi-Point vs. Point-to-Point
  • Real Time Content Sharing & Collaboration
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Noise Cancellation & Acoustic Fencing
  • Auto Framing/Speaker Tracking
  • High Def Cameras and Displays
  • Whiteboard Support
  • Remote Management

PAconnect helps organizations tap into the power of video conferencing collaboration as a way to:

  • Increase efficiency, improve productivity, and boost overall performance
  • Improve and speed decision making by connecting key stakeholders in real time
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary employee travel
  • Enable distributed workforces, remote employees, partners, and customers

Tap into the power of video conferencing collaboration, contact us to get started today.

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